Lionel Youst

Lost in Coos: "Heroic Deeds and Thrilling Adventures" of Searches and Rescues on Coos River, Coos County, Oregon 1871 to 2000

This is the first book to answer the question, "What happens when someone goes missing in the woods and there are no cable news crews there to cover it?" The search-and-rescue stories chronicled here may have escaped the national spotlight, but they reveal as much about human courage and endurance as anything you're likely to see on CNN. We are reminded that these woods do not lack for danger or mystery. Covering the years 1871 to 2000, these stories illuminate many of the historic uses of the Western forests, and the complex relationship between the region's forested and inhabited areas during a critical period of the American West. (from the back cover blurb, by Mike MacRae).

"Most of the stories would have been forgotten if he hadn't researched and bundled them," Alice Campbell,reporter, The World.

Selected Works
by Lionel Youst

A series of fifteen essays on the works and personalities who were most influential in the author's liberal education.
An series of articles and first person accounts of the rescue and attempted rescue of persons lost in the forested 900 square miles of the Coos River drainage over the years from 1871 to 2000.
A personal, pictorial, and primarily oral history of the small sawmill in the Douglas fir region, 1926-1956
The story of a Coos Indian woman born on a tidal slough on the Oregon Coast in 1860.
The compelling life story of an Upper Coquelle Athabaskan Indian who lived almost 100 years.
Local History
Local wilderness homesteads, 1875 to 1955. 160 photos, verbatim interviews. Sorry -- this title is currently out of print.