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Above the Falls:
An Oral and Folk History of Upper Glenn Creek, Coos County, Oregon. Second Edition.

Thousands of visitors have been enthralled by the beauty and grandeur of the 375 foot Golden Falls of Glenn Creek, about 25 miles east of Coos Bay. They are part of the Golden and Silver Falls State Park, one of the treasures of western Oregon. Very few of the visitors have had any idea of the land, nor of the history of the land, above those falls.

Above the Golden and Silver falls is a lovely valley about three miles long. For 60 years a few families lived their lives in that remote and idyllic location. In 1958 the bridge at the base of Silver Falls was removed and the road closed. The land above the falls became uninhabited timberlant, inaccessible to the public.

The book contains scores of verbatim interviews from the survivors and their descendants, 160 photographs, and exhaustive research into original documents. Fully indexed, bibliography, maps, and charts.

Following are a few reader's comments from the first edition:

"In the eight years I have owned Books by the Bay, this is the most requested out-of-print book EVER! I am thrilled to have it finally revised and back in print, available to my customers."

--Trish Midyette, owner, Books by the Bay

"Ultimately the book becomes a eulogy to a way of life that is gone. Lionel Youst knows that, but he has no regrets."
--Ralph Mohr, "In Print," Coos Bay World

"This book is perhaps my favorite of all the locally written books, and I think I have them all. It is my favorite probably because it seems personal in nature, with so much inclusion of individual first hand accounts, and it contains a good amount of humor, which enriches so much of life, and keeps us all going through the tough stuff."
--Jerry Phillips, Manager, Elliott State Forest, retired; author, Caulked boots and Cheese Sandwiches: a forester's history of Oregon's first state forest, the Elliott

"I just wanted you to know that your book plummeted me back in time to a place this city-born reader never knew existed."
--Helen Rebenstorf, retired California school teacher

"I would especially like to commend you for realizing that the tapes and pictures and unrecorded conversations at the reunion picnic for your school referred to a most unusual experience of living in a secluded location in those and earlier ears. Thank you for completing that work."
--Aileen Rickard, author, The Goulds of Elkhorn

"I am so proud of this fine book. All of the interviews and hard work of putting it together is an overwhelming accomplishment."
--Belle C. Clarke, first grade student above
the falls in 1916

"I would like to purchase another volume of your book "Above the Falls." I purchased a copy for the library and made the mistake of taking it home. My husband loved it so much that he refuses to part with it so I need another for the library."
--Bonnie Wagner, librarian, Port Orford Public Library

Golden Falls Publishing (2003)
12445 Hwy 241
Coos Bay, OR 97420
ISBN 0-9726226-1-6
274 + xii pages. 8 maps. 7 charts and tables.
160 photographs.
Bibliography. Index.

$21.95 postpaid