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Progressive Thoughts: Essays and Reviews

A series of essays by Lionel Youst which originally appeared in the Advocate, a monthly journal of opinion published at Coos Bay, Oregon. Includes essays on Montaigne, Pepys, Adam Smith, Balzac, Karl Marx, Rosa Luxemburg, Emma Goldman, Jack London, Clarence Darrow, John Steinbeck, George McGovern, and Barak Obama, each of whom were important in the author's continuing education over a period of more than 70 years.

Praise for Progressive Thoughts (from the back cover of the book):

This collection is one man's unique, wonderfully readable, and praiseworthy effort to tell his story of our past and to speak the truth as he sees it. . . . These essays have made me want to read more about each of Lionel's Liberal heroes, and they have inspired me to think more deeply about my Liberal beliefs. Nathan Douthit, Emeritus Professor, History, Southwestern Oregon Community College

In this delightful collection of thoughtful reviews, Lionel Youst gives us valuable perspective -- and inspiration to build a progressive future of social justice. Elvin Wyly, Associate Professor, Urban Georgraphy, University of British Columbia

Dear Lionel . . . it is really something to find things like this happening in this country. So thank you for doing t his and I feel much encouraged. David Harvey, Distinguished Professor, Anthropology, Graduate Center City University of New York

Progressive Thoughts: Essays and Reviews, by Lionel Youst
124 pages; photos; index; endnotes
ISBN 978-0-9726226-4-6
$17.00 US