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Sawdust in the Western Woods

". . . a valuable contribution to the literature." Robert Walls

"I wish I had had this book about forty years ago when I first got interested in Coos Bay local history." Nathan Douthit, History professor emeritus, Southwestern Oregon Community College.

". . .I'm smiling -- because here is a book that uses the words and the language that bring back so many years of memories." Jerry Phillips, manager Elliott State Forest, retired.

"Almost nothing has been previously published on Gyppo sawmilling, let alone any kind of sawmilling. I'm glad to have this book." Philip Schnell, Editor and publisher, Timber Times, review June 2010, p. 5.

"The book turned out very well and I'm sure will be a sought-after reference among forest historians." Doug Decker.

"Sawdust in the Western Woods can provide anecdotes and real life illustrations that deepen our understanding of an important part of Oregon's history." Gordon Greg, Oregon Historical Quarterly, Winter 2009: 641.